CTA launches new Web site dedicated to driver shortage issue

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OTTAWA, Ont. The Canadian Trucking Alliance Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage (BRTF) has launched a new Web site offering information, education and research related to the shortage of qualified truck drivers. BRTF officials say the new site builds on the group goal to provide leadership in promoting the issue to industry and supply chain stakeholders, government officials and the general public.

is the only online, one stop shop for everything related to the driver shortage situation affecting Canada and the US, says Mark Seymour, president of Kriska Transportation and chair of the BRTF. a multifaceted media repository of daily news, studies, videos, facts and statistics that cheap jerseys reflect both the systemic and ancillary underpinnings of the driver shortage from supply and demand to demographics, to pay issues and driver lifestyle. It presents from many different angles the challenges of maintaining the industry unmatched standard of service.

The site posts original news and aggregates print and video content from media sources on a variety of related topics that play into the capacity question, including: freight economy conditions; turnover, rates and compensation trends; demographics and immigration; recruitment and retention strategies; regulations; and driver training and education. Topical facts and figures, as well as additional studies and reports from a variety of academic and industry resources, are also available on site.

is http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ no single bullet that will fix the driver shortage and, ultimately, market forces will decide what happens, says CTA president David Bradley. Requiring a minimum of 2 years experience), I have to wonder how the driver shortage will ever end!! Not every guy or gal that desires to get their Commercial Driver licence wants to go out on the road for 2 years of long haul working for a large carrier when their intention is to work for a smaller carrier that stays in their corner of the country. Many small trucking companies less than 15 trucks and owner ops would willing to train and hire new truck drivers except the insurance companies will not let them. The CTA needs to set up a plan to make trucking companies of all sizes can hire and insure new drivers. The CTA also needs to set up load matching service that all these surplus loads that they do (not have drivers for are put on and the load board will charge a max of 10% ) before any member can bring more than 2 drivers per year. The CTA and the OTA needs to set up a office that has 3 phone lines and truck parking investigate concerns customers not paying waiting time or fairly or on time. At this time to many OTA members in Ontario have bid too low counting a large supply of cheap overseas drivers. They knew that with E logs and speed limiters truck drivers and small trucking companies in Canada would get out truck and I was told 6 years ago and 5 years ago that that these small trucking companies should close if they could not afford to upgrade their trucks when the speed limiters came in.

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