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Abe Mobley and Peggy Huddleston are two students with a lot in common. teacher after she graduates. Both started going to school at CSU Monterey Bay in ’99, and they both used to play on the Otter basketball team. Even their hip looking flip phones are nearly identical.

Yes, you could say the two of them are at a similar station in life which is, of course, one of the greatest things about going to college. People tend to have similar goals, passions and motivations.

But when Mobley first noticed that Huddleston’s bag displayed a bright LA Lakers logo, it showed that there was at least one big difference between the two (Mobley’s a Pistons fan).

At CSUMB, http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ it’s not uncommon for something like the Lakers to be a more divisive issue than the presidential race. In fact, the presidential race probably won’t be divisive at all on the CSUMB campus, since you’re more likely to find a secret military bunker than an Otter who supports Bush.

Like many local college students, Huddleston and Mobley balance a busy schedule of classes, work and exercise. They also have to squeeze in some time for a social life, not to mention eating and sleeping. So where’s a good place to eat? “Papa Chevo’s, that’s the spot,” says Mobley. How about a good place to sleep? “Sometimes I’ll just take a blanket down to Dennis cheap jerseys the Menace Park,” says Huddleston.

Here are some more essential spots and tips to help any aspiring Otter survive a semester (or eight) on the Ord.


A Tip To Get You Started: “Don’t let the weather fool you,” says Mobley, who agreed with Huddleston that a shining sun is no guarantee of a warm day at CSUMB. Bringing extra clothes when you go out is a must, and having a good beanie doesn’t hurt either.

Late Night Snack: Papa Chevo’s on Del Monte in Marina is the best friend to students on a late night food run with only five dollars in their pocket. Open until 2am on weekends, Chevo’s serves up hot Mexican food at a great price, and even has a drive thru window in the back.

Take a Date: Cannery Row has an assortment of restaurants, shops and scenic paths to walk along, not to mention the Monterey Bay Aquarium. For a more lively atmosphere, Alvarado Street in Monterey is a row of night spots, including a favorite bar for CSUMB students, the Mucky Duck.

Killing Time: The Student Center at CSUMB is the perfect spot to unwind between classes. With games like air hockey and ping pong, a snack bar and a big screen TV, the Student Center can provide a safe haven during a hectic schedule of classes.

Easy Conversation Piece: The endless debate over the differences between Nor Cal and So Cal rages on a daily basis at this campus. Nestled on the Central Coast, CSUMB brings together a fairly equal number of northern and southern California students, and all of them are opinionated.

Free Movies: The Movie Night Series on Thursdays rescues films from the limbo between theatrical release and video store shelves. Movie Night also rescues the starving student especially if they’re starving for entertainment since admission to the World Theater for these showings is free for students.

Workout: The Otter Sports Center offers a wide range of activities from weight lifting to basketball to racquetball. Even the most active students can stay pretty happy using the free facilities on campus.

Karaoke: Mortimer’s on Del Monte in Marina is a friendly local bar that welcomes the beginner as well as the seasoned karaoke pro. If you want to show off your pipes in front of a bigger crowd, then the Mucky Duck in Monterey is the spot.

Marina Bar Crawl: If cozy, local bars are your fancy, a night out in Marina can give you a little bit of everything. Start at Marina English Ales for local microbrews; then mosey on down to Mortimer’s for $2 beers, dancing and pool; and if you have the endurance, end the night in the Gold Rush Lounge, singing to the jukebox.

Open Swim: With the local beaches a strictly coat and blanket affair, Otters turn to the CSUMB pool to get their swimming and sun bathing. And the beautiful thing about it besides that 60 percent of the student body happens to be female is that it’s free for students.

Speak Out: CSUMB students can make their voices heard in a number of ways. One way is to use Open Forum on the college’s e mail system, where anyone can post an opinion about anything. Open mic night at the on campus BBC is another place where anyone can get up and say, sing or do anything. And they do.

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